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twice as nice

11 weeks ago today Nicole gave birth to two beautiful boys... Aydan & Ashton. They've got big brown eyes, sweet lips and way more hair then my 5 month old! Mazy and Nicole are such sweet parents and they looked great despite their sleepless nights. As always I enjoyed doing a session with twins. I always find it a challenge when shooting twins, to try and figure out who is who... I'll admit this was the easiest time I've had telling them apart. Ashton is the chunky monkey and Aydan is a lean mean little man. So now for your challenge... Can YOU tell them apart?

 This one should be totally easy to see who's who...

Mazy is a big soccer fan and so we did a few shots of him and his boys in their jersey's.

this last one is my favorite... 

 Thanks Nicole & Mazy for having such a fun time... Your family is beautiful.

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