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Live (Infant/Maternity)
Laugh (Family/Kids)
Love (Engagement/Weddings)


Laycee Lemons Photography (Southern California Photography)

Laycee Lemons
Wedding. Family. Infant... 
Photographer of everything.  
live. laugh. love. 
I consider myself a lucky one to be doing something I  
I am loud outgoing and passionate about this hobby turned career. I enjoy 
the little things that make you
I want to capture the moments you will treasure forever. The smiles, the tears and even the funny faces, because these are the images that teach us to 

Laycee Lemons Photography

1 comment:

Frankie Silva said...

Hey Sissey, Congratulations on your new venture. To anyone who reads this and is considering a session, I can assure you as her older brother that Laycee HAS AN EYE for this. She comes from an artistic family and she has already taken hundreds of beautiful, unique, and inspiring photos. Sissey, I know that you are going to be successful in your new business. Keep up the GREAT work!!! Love Frankie