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My uncle died

My uncle died on Sunday.
All I keep thining about is, is God preparing me to lose my husband? Let me give you a synoposis of why I been thinking/feeling this way...

For as long as Matt has been old enough to know what death is he has always said he feels he will never live a long life, and even more specific, past the age of 30.
About six years ago a friend of mine lost her husband to cancer. My best friend lived with her for an extended period of time and knows what it's like to console/live with a widow.
One of my boss' lost her daughter to cancer when she was 16 and is someone I feel very comfortable talking to and have always felt like she treats me differently, in a good way.
My other boss just lost her husband in January and she is also very easy to talk to and someone I know I could go to.
A old friend of mine who lost her husband about 3 years ago just found me on myspace and totally opened up to me about how hard it is and how much she misses him.
Now my aunt losses her husband and I feel so sad for her that she is finally getting her life together and then this...
and lastly...
I feel as though God wants to use me as a witness to all of the people mentioned above... How can that be?
I think I read into this a little much, however, what other 23 year old do you know that has talked to her husband in great length about what would happen if he died.


Cathi said...

Not to take away from the seriousness of your blog, but I don't like how you referred to me as your "current" best friend- as though I probably won't be in the future- like you've just got them lined up after me!!

Just kidding boo- I really don't think you have anything to worry about. But in the crazy chance that you do, I'll be here.

Laycee Lemons said...

I fixed it Cathi... happy now!?!?!