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better late then NEVER...

Happy Saint Patty's Day! I know, I know... it passed like a week ago! But I have these (somewhat) cute pics of my kiddos that I took specifically for a Saint Patrick's Day post. I say somewhat because neither Seth nor Elle was having pictures that day. They were both tired, hungry, and little did I know, on the verge of getting sick. Hence why I'm just now posting these photos. 
Hope you day was fun and filled with lots of green!

 he looks WAY to much like a teenager here. I mean like just this little "mom leave me alone" stare he's glaring!

here they spotted some birds and so they were looking a little bit happier...
 then they were right back to Elle's "MOOMMMMM" and Seth's "I'm going to throw this grass at you!" faces!
then this magic happened. I stinkin love this photo!

 and finally, a laugh. my job was done. :) Seeing those smiles warmed my heart!

Everyone always asks me how I get my kids to look so happy in photos... this post is proof that sometimes they just aren't feelin' it!

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