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5 Years ago...

I married my best friend. I married a man's man. I married a man who is so very talented. I married a man who I know will love me forever. I married a man who is always open to change and to work on himself for me. I married a man who's the most amazing Dad, better than I could have ever imagined. I married a man who I can trust with my whole heart to protect. 
5 years later, I am still married to this man only he's a better version of himself. 
Matthew, thank you for loving me, trying for me, being so very honest with me, and for being an amazing father to our kids.
Thank you for that last 5 years, I'm looking forward to many more. 
"Love like Crazy"

Your Wife

PS. I couldn't find any good recent pics of us so I guess that means I have to start taking more!  : )

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Nicole P said...

Awe so precious!