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Matt looking good...

So don't know if any of you caught the OC Register on Sunday but to our susprise my husband Matthew Lemons was front and center (well bottom right corner to be exact) but still FRONT COVER...
Why you ask?
We had a new baby care class last week in which four Dad's were selected to wear the "Empathy Belly" which is bascially a 30lb belly that has boobs and a belly bump... Needless to say I laughed my BUTT off!!!
Click on the link below to read the really great article... Be sure to read under "A Susprise" that's where it talks specifically about Matt and I


this is when I was laughing SO hard...

I love Matt's expression in this pic... He looks so mad that he has to change diapers... Just FYI he did really really good! :- )

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