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Meet my Sister Jennifer "Soon to be R.N."

Yesterday my Sister found out that she got accepted into the Nursing program! I am so excited and proud for her I just can't even believe it! She has been studying and trying so hard and finally she will be able to go after something huge! I was thinking last night about her graduation and how cool it will be to go up there and watch her get pinned just like I watched my brother and his pinning for becoming a firefighter! Then I started thinking about my Dad and how proud he must be of his kids! It's as though were all subconsciously trying to make him proud!

Anyways, she starts May 27th and for the next 9 weeks she is going to have a pretty grueling schedule! My prayer for her is that she can study hard and focus all of her efforts on her career! I also ask that God gives her strength to endure all the late nights and tried times she is going face over the next few months! I pray that in the times she feels worn out and defeated that her family and friends can be supportive and encouraging. But most of all I pray that she realizes what a great accomplishment this is and that she has made everyone SO PROUD of her!

Love you Sissey! Good Job!

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