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My Dad's Bday Card

I wrote this card to my Dad for his birthday...

This card says it all… I have for a long time now been well aware of how wonderful of a Dad you are… I love that I can joke, laugh, cry and come to you with anything! I truly could not have asked God for a more perfect Dad, and I mean that will all of my heart.

It’s so nice when you get older that your parent actually becomes your friend. I am looking forward to many more birthday weekends, family reunions, Mondays watching 24, and just plain hanging out with my Dad time. Matt and I pray every night that you stay positive and strong, we pray that you are overwhelmed with the right decisions to make when it comes to life, we pray that God will comfort your heart both emotionally and physically, we pray for your over all health and that you will beat ANYTHING that is thrown at you… I KNOW you can handle everything that comes at you and I know I’m going to have a lot more cards like this to write to you…

Now brace yourself… You’re going to need a tissue…

I am excited for the day that you get to see my children be born, when you get to hold them in your arms just as you did Victoria. And I’m excited for them to know there Grandpa Frank (or Grandpa Poppy-Pop as I would like them to say) I can’t wait for them to hear all your funny stories and for you to make them laugh just as you did me. I can’t wait to watch YOU, watch Victoria walk down the isle… I can’t wait to see you grow older and still be the firecracker that you are today. As the next 20 years of our lives progress I want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what! I’ll be your daughter, your friend, your comfort, your caretaker; you’re “whatever you need”…
I love you Daddy with all my heart and I’m so looking forward to many more fun filled years with you!

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday weekend.


1 comment:

Cathi said...

Boo- I'm crying. I hope this weekend is amazing. Can't wait to hear about it.