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Who calls who back???

So I was wondering... When your talking to someone on the cell phone and the call drops... Who calls who back?
I mean, is there specific rules that I've been missing all this time? Does the person's who phone droped call? Because sometimes the call will drop, but you look down and there's full bars... So, was it you that dropped or the other person?
Someone please help me with this...

1 comment:

NoBadDaysCourtney said...

I always go buy the rule of who ever initially made the call, they are the ones to call back. This is why.... there are times I'm "talking" to someone because they called and the call is dropped and I would be perfectly happy not resuming the conversation so I put no effort into calling them back, and hope they feel the same way. THEN if they DO call back I don't answer and pretend that I'm in an area with bad reception.

CRAP now my secret is on the world wide web!