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Prego Joke ...

Alright so I'm really excited because I just posted a message on my friends myspace (My friend, who everyone would expect to be pregant) that reads ...

"All I gotta say is it's about time, I knew you
would be next! THINK BLUE -- you gotta
have a little manly man!
Shoot that means that we have to get MTN
bike riding in before your not able to
anymore ;- )
Congrats again and I love you.

.... .... .... Ya know it's funny when I started writing this blog, and when I thought about writing it seemed MUCH funnier then it does now ... ... ... Wierd. Well at any rate, she is going to be getting a TON of calls this weekend and oddly enough she'll be out of town, ... with ME!

By the way for the record she is not really pregant!

Lemons OUT!

1 comment:

NoBadDaysCourtney said...

HAAAA!Laycee....you are brilliant!!! I'm laughing really hard just thinking about this!