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Finding Joy in this heat!

It's HOT! Like, my arms are sticking to my desk, HOT! I'm tired right now. So let me just say in advance, I might get ornery!

With that being said, life is good. Life is full. And on days like today when I'm SUPER irritated at the fact that I'm quite positive I could fry an egg on my backyard pavers, I can still find joy in the little things. the simple things. 

Like this face. And the fact that she's standing at 10 months. And the realization, when I dressed her in this outfit, that she looks SO good in yellow. 
My little "Lemon" looks so good in yellow. 
She looks so good in love!

Finding joy in the fact that he does this without me having to ask now...

THIS FACE! Little, simple, face. His eyes. His Lips, His hair... Ugh!!! Can't get enough of this child. And remembering, that even when I'm so over asking him to do something for the 5th time, he's not even 3 yet. He's just a little boy, and when he's acting out it's probably just because he wants more of me! 
These eyes give me joy and constantly bring me back to what's important in life. What's important to him... and that's being the best mother to him and the best wife to his father I can be!

Tonight we decided to eat our dinner outside. 
On a blanket. 
It was fun.

little more joy right there... 

how much is Matt going to hate that I used this photo?!!!

Elle learned how to use a fork! 
Based on that smile I'd say she's proud!

 Seth learned how to make me laugh with milk mustaches.

 finding joy in our sweet "Truck" who is best dog ever. Thankful that he's not off dog fighting like the owners who had him before us were planning to do!
Because I know someone will ask...Yes he's a pitbull. And NO I'm not worried about him around my kids!

So tonight, although I was tired, irritable, and just down right cranky I took the time, to take joy in the simple, little things in my life. I'll go to bed tonight feeling thankful. I'll sleep better (partly because of the wine) but nonetheless I'll remember these little faces that made me smile. Gave me joy.
 Goodnight all. Happy Wednesday!

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