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Baby Kaleb (Orange County Newborn Photographer)

Meet sweet baby Kaleb. He has tons of beautiful black hair. Perfect little lips. And probably the longest eye lashes I've EVER seen on a newborn...

 i love the wrinkles and i love this face.

Kaleb's daddy loves Dirtbikes. Everything from his bedding to his car seat are covered with tires, graphics, handlebars, and everything that makes up a dirtbike. That's actually how I know Darren, Matt met him dirtbike riding. Anyways to say I was excited about this shoot would be an understatement! I was all 'geared' up for some fun mx style pics and that is exactly what I got.

Thanks Christy & Darren for letting me take your 6 day old little man outside to capture him! It was fun and I'm looking forward to watching him grow!

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