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Happy 17 Months Bday Baby Boy

My darling baby boy is 17 months old today and I can hardly believe it. I've decided after reading several other Mom's blogs that I need to start doing a monthly post so that I can look back at what Seth is doing and how he changes. I will include the things that he says, does, what he's into and what he's done that past month.
Ok, no onto posting.
My little man is up to SO much these days... he "rocks out" (shakes his fist up in the air) anytime he hears music. He loves loves Trucks (big shocker) and loves to push them around the house and make truck noises. He is super into chairs that are his size, rocking chairs, bean bag chairs, and specifically a little leather recliner that is in Target!

He is saying so many words it's hard keep track of them all! You say all the basics, Mama, Dada, Dog, Moon, Hi, bye... but some of the new ones that are my favorite are:  base-ball, "ruck" (Truck), Love you, Amen, "Nanna" (Banana), Apple, Hot, "Oh-gosh", "Oh-NOOOO", Baby, "Tank You (Thank You) and your finally starting to say "dtbike" (Dirtbike) but I still think my most favorite is "pessse" (Please).

I also love how you bark, moo, and vrooom when we ask you what a dog, cow, and dirtbike/truck/car says.
You do this funny little flirt stare too that is so darling I can't even stand it.
Oh, and the newest thing you just started doing/sayin this past weekend is "A, B C's"... I hear you singing a little song in the car and I think it's your attempt at singing them but it's so cute when you just rattle off "A-B-C's" clear as day.
When I ask you where Mommy's baby is you usually point to your belly but your starting to point to mine!

You went to the snow for the first time and loved it... You liked when Daddy and I would hold a thing of snow up and you could swat at it. You loved sleding with Daddy too... you would laugh and then say pessse as soon as you got back up to the top of the hill.
Once again it was another trip that you supplied the laughter and entertainment!~

I love you so much my little baby boy and I can't wait to see you grow and accomplish more!

Love, Mommy

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