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I know, I know... I've totally been slacking and I'm sorry... but between crazy school schedule and work and raising two boys.. haha (one being Matt...) I just dont have time to blog... But I swear I'll try and be better...
Ok so here is basically what has happened in the last few months...

So for those of you who don't know, we have a LOT of nieces and nephews! 9 to be exact! More specifically we have 5 on Matt's side of the family. So between his oldest sister has 3 kids that range in age from 7-2 and his other sister has 2 kids under the age of 3. Well instead of buying crapy $10 gifts for all of them at Christmas time, this year I had the brillant idea to have a big slumber party sleep over at our house!
Now I know most of you that are reading this are thinking YOUR AN IDIOT!
But I can just tell you that it was so much fun! And I would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact were thinking of making it a yearly tradtion for all the kids.

So let me break down the age and names for you.
Bryce - 7 *Brother to Tayven & Ethan
Tayven - 5 *Sister to Bryce & Ethan
Haylee - 3 *Sister to Aiden
Ethan - 2 *Brother to Bryce & Tayven
Aiden - 2 *Brother to Haylee
oh and don't forget we had Seth...

So this is when they all showed up. We had Bryce, Tayven, Ethan and Aiden, bring there get around on toys... ie: Skateboards, Razers, and those cool little car things...

People thought Matt and I were nuts when they saw us walking to the park with a kid on a skateboard, a kid on a razer two little boys on those car things and another kid in a stroller and a baby in the bijorn. One lady actually asked us if they were all our kids and we told her no, to which she replied "OH GOOD, Cause I was gonna say YOUR NUTS!"

Bryce & Tayven

Bryce & Ethan


All the kids except Aiden & Seth

This was all the kids the next morning... after a prefect nights sleep. I guess we can Thank "Babywise" for that!~

The girls (Tayven & Haylee) and I went to get pedicures on Saturday morning which they TOTALLY loved!

Like I said before it was a great weekend I know this memory and the "gift" is much more then money can buy... Plus it sets us up for owed overnight babysitters!WinkWink

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