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Big day at work yesterday, scrath that, HUGE DAY!!!

So yesterday I had an amazing day at work.
We got a huge snowmobile DVD (Slednecks 9) so I just started dialing... Litteraly, dialing my phone to all my Snow guys. I was cranking all day yesterday my orginial goal in sales was only$2700.00 Then after learning of this paticular DVD arrival I upped my goal to $6000.00... Little did I know what I was really going to hit...
09:25 - $2165.00
10:58 - $3981.00
11:21 - $5693.00
Lunch - One cocktail and a side salad
01:45 - $8390.00
02:50 - $9962.00
03:55 - $13,519.00
04:15 - Ok I'm ready to go home, BUT WAIT, what's this HUGE order I just got...
04:35 $66,643.00... That's right, Sixty Six thousand, Six hundred and forty three.
66,643.00 X 8% ... You do the math... hahaha... It was a great day!!! I LOVE IMPACT VIDEO!!!

1 comment:

Jaime said...


That is amazing! I am so happy for you. Of course when you tell me to do math I did it of course! What a blessing! We should celebrate! You're buying!

Love you,